Hide & Seek With a Twist

Do kids still play Hide & Seek? You know, where some kids go hide and one person tries to find them? Well, what happens when there aren’t enough kids around to play? Or maybe the “big kids” have gone off to school and only the youngest is left at home? You can try this new twist on the Hide & Seek game! You don’t need anything but a few toys that are already in your house. All you do is collect up a few favorite toys and hide them for your child to find. I know…too simple? But it can be lots of fun!

Here’s Clifford the Big Red Dog hiding under the covers.

Here’s a little shoulder buddy hiding among the boxes of cereal.

Depending on the age of the kids playing how hard you make the hiding places. If younger kids are playing, make sure to leave a little of the toy visible.

Matchbox Jeeps love to drive on books!

Sock monkeys go bananas for bananas!

You can give little hints if the hunt goes on for too long. Maybe Tommy Turtle got too hot and decided to find a place to cool down. (Yes, he’s in the refrigerator.) 😉

This gorilla must be wanting to help make supper!

The older the kids are that are playing, the smaller the toys might be.

Or just for fun, ask your child to set the table for supper and hide a fun toy in the silverware drawer.

You can make a whole game out of this idea or just randomly make things disappear to places the kids will come across them and be surprised. Or start with a new toy that you hide and whoever finds it, tells everyone where they found it and they get to be the next person to hide it. This can be an ongoing game that keeps everyone grinning. Hope you’ll have fun playing Hide & Seek a new way! 🙂

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