Day #17 – Lego Advent Calendar

It’s December 17th and time to open the next door on our Lego Friends Advent Calendar!

Drum roll, please!

Here’s what we have today…hmmm…

I went back again to the picture of the advent calendar online for help to figure out what this set makes. Ta dah! 🙂

Looks like another food cart with milk and ice cream! Fun! I lined it up with the other food carts in our Christmas scene. Very nice!

Remember to come back tomorrow for the next Lego surprise! 🙂

Day #16 – Lego Advent Calendar

Here we are at day #16 of our Lego Friends advent calendar!

It’s time for a peek inside the door!

Let’s see…what could these pieces make?

I found the answer by looking at the picture of the advent calendar online. This is cool and quite an important thing for Santa to have! It’s Santa’s sleigh! 🙂

Santa looks like he’s almost ready for Christmas Eve! But I think he might need some reindeer still! Lol 😉

Be sure to come back tomorrow when we’ll be opening the next door on the advent calendar! 🙂

Day #15 – Lego Advent Calendar

Can you believe its day #15 for our Lego Friends Advent Calendar?! It’s only 10 days till Christmas!! Wow! 🙂

Let’s open today’s door!

Look at the Lego pieces inside. This one is pretty easy to figure out what it is, isn’t it? 😉

This set makes a super cute little person!

Hanging out close to Santa seems like a great place to be!

See you tomorrow for more fun with our Lego Friends Advent Calendar! 🙂

Snowman Cupcakes

Are you looking for an adorable dessert for Christmas? Do your kids need to take a Christmas treat to school? Here’s a cute snowman that doesn’t take long to make! I found this little packet of candy snowman noses and black balls for eyes and a mouth at our local Walmart store. (Yes, it says for cookie ball decorating, but they work great for snowman cupcakes too!)

Whip up your favorite cake batter, flavor of your choice. I went with homemade chocolate.

Pour the batter into a cupcake pan lined with cupcake papers.

Bake, cool and frost with your favorite white frosting. Add the special candies from the packet and presto! You have snowman cupcakes ready to go!

Aren’t they cute? Plus quick and easy!

The hardest part will be keeping your family from eating them too soon! 😉

Day #14 – Lego Advent Calendar

Here we go with another day of our Lego Friends Advent Calendar!

What is hiding behind door #14?

What do you think these pieces make?

One gray piece looks like it could be part of a gun? I went back to the handy dandy online picture of the advent calendar and that’s right! It does make a tiny gun and…parents, beware! It really does shoot! The set also makes 3 little targets to shoot at. The boys are going to like this one! 😉

And now it’s in my Christmas scene. 🙂

Be sure to join me tomorrow for our peek behind the next door! 🙂

Day #13 – Lego Advent Calendar

It’s time for Day #13 reveal!

Opening the door…

Here’s what is inside:

If you look back at door #9, the picture inside is for today’s set. 🙂

So I am pretty sure one part of this set is a campfire, but I’m not sure what the other part is. Maybe some lights? What do you think?

I’m thinking a campfire might be nice to have when you are ice skating, so that’s where I’m putting it in my Christmas scene.

And there you have day #13! 🙂 See you tomorrow for door #14! 🙂

Day #12 – Lego Advent Calendar

Yes, today is day #12 of sharing our Lego Friends Advent Calendar! Wow, do you know what that means? We are half way through the advent calendar already! Christmas is coming fast! 🙂

Time to check what is behind door #12!

Let’s take a closer look at the Lego pieces.

I don’t know if you can figure out what those pieces make, but I had to go back to the internet page about the advent calendar to find out. 😉 And I’m not even sure after making it, exactly what it is! Lol Maybe you can tell me what you think it is.

The part on the right is a gift…maybe the yellow part is a gift too? Could the middle part be decorations? Or maybe a bench to sit on? I think I need your help on this one! I decided to put them close to Santa in our Christmas scene.

This advent calendar is keeping me guessing! Come back tomorrow and we’ll open another door together! 🙂

Day #9 – Lego Advent Calendar

It’s time to check out our Lego Friends Advent Calendar for Day #9! 🙂

Let’s open the door!

What pieces do we have today?

I see 2 little pieces that make me think of a microphone, but I went back to the internet to see what this is. I was right! A microphone and set of speakers – cute!

Our Christmas scene is filling up and we aren’t even halfway done yet!

Check back tomorrow for what’s behind Door #10! 🙂