Goofy Pets

Sometimes our pets do silly things, don’t they? Just for fun today, we’re taking a look at some crazy things we’ve caught some of our family’s pets doing. And what we think they might have been thinking… 😉

#1.) “Look out! This is a crazy alert!”

#2.) “It was so nice of mom and dad to set up this grow light so I can work on my suntan.”

#3.) “How dare you put my toy away in my toy box?!”

#4.) “Play ball!” (Cutest ball player ever!) 😉

#5.) “Catch me if you can!”

#6.) “What’s the best way to attack the cat? On the count of 3, you go right and I’ll go left.”

#7.) “It’s time to do the laundry.”

#8.) “I have my own personal taxi!”

#9.) “Why is there a chipmunk on my head?”

#10.) “All tucked in and ready for bed.”

#11.) “Do I look pitiful enough for you to give me some treats? Pleeeeeease?!”

#12.) “You have exactly 3 seconds to take this costume off of me.”

#13.) “Whew, that was a wild birthday party!”

#14.) “No, you may not have your crockpot case back. This is now my domain.”

#15.) “It’s the Easter Puppy!”

#16.) “Bow to your Queen, you peasants!”

#17.) The most popular Bark Box for dogs ever.

I hope you’ve had fun looking at these silly pet pictures! 🙂 Hug your pet and give him/her pats from me! 🙂

If Pets Could Talk

Have you ever wondered what your pet would say if he or she could talk? Just for some fun today, here are some funny pictures of more of our family’s pets. Look at these pictures and see what you think they might be saying. 😉 I’ll give you a suggestion for each picture.

“Is it time to mow the grass again, Dad?”

“Turn right at the next street and then turn into Starbucks…I need a pup cup!”

“We aren’t crowding you, are we?”

“Can I have the keys please?”

“The name’s Bond…James Bond.”

“Need any help with your computer work, Mom? Or with your snacks?”

“Time to exercise! Now where are the weights?”

“Hi there! Do you wanna play with me?? Pretty pleeeeeeeeease??”

“Could you turn the lights down? We’re trying to sleep here.”

“Did you bring me crickets? No?? OFF WITH HIS HEAD!”

“You go ahead and clean the bathroom, Mom. I won’t let these rugs get away.”

“Is this Grand Central Station? Could you take your party somewhere else? It’s my naptime.”

“Birdseed??! I thought it sounded like the dog food bag.”

“How do you like my hat? I’m looking pretty handsome, wouldn’t you say?”

Haha! I’d love to hear your comments! I hope these made you smile! 🙂