Goofy Pets

Sometimes our pets do silly things, don’t they? Just for fun today, we’re taking a look at some crazy things we’ve caught some of our family’s pets doing. And what we think they might have been thinking… 😉

#1.) “Look out! This is a crazy alert!”

#2.) “It was so nice of mom and dad to set up this grow light so I can work on my suntan.”

#3.) “How dare you put my toy away in my toy box?!”

#4.) “Play ball!” (Cutest ball player ever!) 😉

#5.) “Catch me if you can!”

#6.) “What’s the best way to attack the cat? On the count of 3, you go right and I’ll go left.”

#7.) “It’s time to do the laundry.”

#8.) “I have my own personal taxi!”

#9.) “Why is there a chipmunk on my head?”

#10.) “All tucked in and ready for bed.”

#11.) “Do I look pitiful enough for you to give me some treats? Pleeeeeease?!”

#12.) “You have exactly 3 seconds to take this costume off of me.”

#13.) “Whew, that was a wild birthday party!”

#14.) “No, you may not have your crockpot case back. This is now my domain.”

#15.) “It’s the Easter Puppy!”

#16.) “Bow to your Queen, you peasants!”

#17.) The most popular Bark Box for dogs ever.

I hope you’ve had fun looking at these silly pet pictures! 🙂 Hug your pet and give him/her pats from me! 🙂

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