Easy Butterfly Craft #3

Welcome back! Here we go again with another easy butterfly craft! All you need this time is 2 pieces of construction paper, a pencil, scissors, colored markers and some Elmer’s glue. You’ll want 2 different colors of construction paper – 1 for the butterflies and 1 for the background sheet. Take your butterfly colored paper, fold it in half and then cut it on the fold.

Take 1 of those pieces and fold it in half again.

Now draw the outline of one side of a butterfly’s wings. Look at the next picture for a suggested way to draw it.

Keeping the paper folded, cut out the outline with your scissors.

This time, you need to open the butterfly wings and cut down the center so you have 2 pieces of the wings.

Choose one side of each wing piece and color it however you would like.

I colored a line around the outside of the butterfly wing and so I put a piece of scrap paper underneath it in case my marker got a little off the edge. That will keep the surface underneath your wing clean.

Next, decide where you would like to place the wings on your background paper and glue them down. In our next step, we will be adding the butterfly’s body so be sure to leave enough open space for that.

Now for the butterfly body…draw several small circles in a row up against the flat side of the wing. Color the circles in. Then you can draw on the antennae.

I even added smiling faces. 🙂

Give your butterflies a few dashed lines out the back side so they look like they have been flying. And that’s it! You’ve made more butterflies! I hope you enjoyed this craft! Be sure to check back for more about butterflies soon! 🙂

Easy Butterfly Craft #1

Since we have been talking about butterflies this week I thought we could have some fun with a butterfly craft. 🙂 This one is pretty simple to do but really small kids might need a little help getting things hooked together.

All you need for 1 butterfly is 3 pipe cleaners. Whatever color you like!

I chose 2 pink pipe cleaners for wings and a purple one for the body. Take the 2 pipe cleaners that will be the butterfly’s wings and make them into circles by wrapping the two ends together.

(Hmm! That almost looks like a grumpy face, doesn’t it?!) Now take your 3rd pipe cleaner and bend it in half. Twist the two pieces together by the bend until you have twisted it about 1/3 of the way up. This is the butterfly’s body.

Now take your 2 circles and kinda mush them together in the middle like this:

Holding the circles side by side, slip the body part up over both circles with one piece of the body pipe cleaner on either side of the wings. Like you are capturing the wings inside the body. Twist the 2 pieces together to make more butterfly body on the top and to hold the wings in place. Save some of the pipe cleaner ends for making the antennae.

Don’t worry if your butterfly looks rather out of shape because now you can move the wings around to look the way you want them to look. The final step is curling the ends of the antennae into little rolls.

And there you have your first butterfly! 🙂 But who can stop at only ONE butterfly?! Go ahead and make a bunch more! If you would like to hang your butterfly up, I would suggest tying a piece of thread to it and then your butterfly can fly in the breeze! I’d love to see all the butterflies you make! Have fun! 🙂