Making Super Simple Flowers

Yesterday it was raining and storming and so gloomy and today it’s cold and snowing! I think we all need something to cheer us up, so let’s make some flowers!

This project calls for some cardstock or regular paper, some sticker note flags, a large button for each flower and some glue.

The sticker note flags that I’m using I found at a Dollar Tree store, but you can likely find some in the stationery section of any big box store or an office supply store.

Only the pointed tip of these flags is sticky, but it’s not necessary to glue down the rest of the flag because they will be glued in place later all at one time. Pick the color of flags that you would like your flower to be. I went with yellow for my first flower. (Note: While I used colored paper, the flowers will show up brighter on white paper.)

Begin by placing the flags in a circle with the points facing out. These will be the petals of the flower. Overlap the square ends of the flags in the center.

Keep placing the flags until you’ve made a complete circle. It doesn’t matter that the center looks a bit messy because it will be covered up.

Glue a large button in the center and your first flower is complete! Feel free to decorate the rest of the paper as you like.

My second flower was made using blue flags on red paper. This time I laid the flags out opposite each other and they look lined up a little better on this flower.

I glued a yellow button in the center of this flower.

One more little trick you might want to try is to add another layer of flower petals before gluing on the button. I like using a different color of flags and trimming a little bit off the square end to make them fit on the flower.

And then add the button. 🙂

Your flowers could be hung up and enjoyed by the whole family or you could turn them into a card to share with someone special. I hope you’ll have fun making some colorful flowers and brightening your part of the world. 🙂

Making Large Flowers With Pipe Cleaners

Since we had a pipe cleaner project for a little older group of kids on Monday, I thought it would be nice to do an easier pipe cleaner project for younger kids today. They might need some help holding the pieces together until the final wrap, but after that they can create to their heart’s content!

You will need a total of 7 pipe cleaners…5 for the flower petals, one for the stem and one for the center of the flower. I chose to use red for the petals, green for the stem and yellow for the center. Feel free to use whatever colors your child picks out! 🙂

The stem piece will be in the center of the petals.

For each petal, fold the pipe cleaner in half loosely as shown, making the 2 ends meet.

Place the ends in line with one end the end of the stem.

Continue bending and adding petals, placing them around the stem.

When you have all 5 petals lined up, it should look something like this:

Now take your pipe cleaner for the center and begin wrapping it around the bunch of ends.

Wrap it around and around the group of ends and try to cover up the ends so you don’t see any other colors.

Now comes the fun part! Bend each flower petal up and then design your flower! 🙂

The petals can be shaped in many ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Nicely rounded and oval shaped.

Put a little bend in the end of each petal.

Rounded petals that overlap each other. This one makes me think of a pansy!

Pointed skinny petals.

Petals bent in the middle to look like hearts.

For this flower, I bent the petals in half and looped the end over the yellow center of the flower. Then twisted the 2 pieces so they looked like smaller petals.

I’m sure you can come up with even more ideas! This is a simple but fun project for people of all ages. For older kids or adults, you could cut the pipe cleaners in half and make smaller flowers. I hope you’ll give this project a try! Maybe if we concentrate on making pipe cleaner flowers we can forgot how cold it is outside! 😉 Stay warm!

Drawing Flowers with a Compass

Our latest project is drawing flowers using a compass. Not the kind of compass that tells you which way is north, but the kind you use in Geometry class to draw circles. 🙂

If you don’t own one, don’t worry. They are very inexpensive to purchase. If you have a choice, I recommend buying the all metal type as they stay in place better than this plastic type. Grab a piece of paper too and let’s get started! (I’m using printer paper.) First, decide how big you want your flower to be. You can go with any size you like as long as it fits on your sheet of paper. Using the compass, draw a circle on your paper. Once you draw your circle, make sure the compass stays in the same position while drawing the entire flower. It’s good to note where the compass is set just in case something moves and you need to set it back to where it was.

Now put the sharp point end of the compass anywhere on the circle you just drew.

Draw the curved line from inside one side of the circle to the other…as far INSIDE the circle as the compass will reach.

Next, set the point of the compass on one end of the line you just drew where it meets the circle.

Draw another curved line like the first one…INSIDE the circle as far as the compass will reach.

Continue moving around the circle and placing the point of the compass on one end of the last curved line that you drew.

Do you see the petals of the flower starting to take shape? There are 2 so far.

Now 4…

Aaaand voila! You’ve drawn your flower!

Now grab your favorite coloring utensils and color your flower!

To make a more detailed design, make another flower and then set the point of the compass half way between the “petals” and using the same process as before, make another flower.

You’ll have twice as many petals.

There are more sections to color with this version, so you can make it even more colorful.

Another way to use this type of design is to make a flower, then erase the line of the circle itself leaving only the petals.

As you can see, I added a simple stem and leaves. You can use your designs to make greeting cards or cut them out and hang them up. One nice way to display them is to make two of the same sized flowers, color both, cut them out and glue the backs together. Punch a hole, add a bit of string and hang it up for all to enjoy. 🙂 A fun but simple craft using a compass! Much more fun than using one for Geometry!! LOL 😉