Let’s Draw Carly the Cat

Hello and welcome to today’s drawing fun! All you need is some paper and something to draw with. Let’s get started drawing Carly the Cat. Meow!

Start out with a circle.

To add Carly’s ears, draw 2 triangles on the top side of the circle. Then add 2 smaller triangles inside the first ones, and color the smaller triangles in with your pencil.

Now for 2 eyes. Draw 2 ovals, then a circle in the bottom part of each oval. Color in the circles.

Draw an upside down triangle for her nose.

Now draw 2 circles, one on each side of the triangle you drew for her nose. Under that draw a “U” with a smaller “U” inside of it. This is Carly’s mouth. Color in the smaller “U”.

Now let’s add some whiskers by drawing 3 lines out on each side of Carly’s face, starting inside the mouth circles.

If you want to draw only a cat’s head, then you are finished! Good job! If you would like to add a body, then keep going with me. Add 2 curved lines under the head like you see in the following picture.

Let’s add 2 front legs and 2 front feet.

Draw the lines for the body on down till they meet the legs and then draw a small line between the legs to finish Carly’s body.

Add 2 ovals for her back feet and add 2 curved lines to each foot to make her toes.

Let’s see…are we done? Have we forgotten anything? Wait…check again…what’s missing? Her tail? Of course! Draw her tail coming out the side.

If you would like your cat to look like a boy, then you are finished. If you’d like your cat to look like a girl, then you can add 3 eyelashes to the top of each eye.

Great job! Now you’re ready to draw a whole litter of kittens! Hope you had fun with our latest drawing project! 🙂

Fun Things to Do During Quarantine

While we’re all hanging out at home, there’s no need to just sit and stare at the walls. I’ll be posting suggestions of things to do while staying home and hopefully you will find some of them fun and enjoyable. Here’s a few to try today!

#1.) Here’s a website about Curious Critters. https://www.curious-critters.com/learning/?fbclid=IwAR3yJLBxCZ_Epn2CArcy88ir1NvrUST8kRrhd5bQYCxxERy-Cgp_dUm9s68

#2.) Here’s an awesome site for learning to draw with Mo Willems! https://www.kennedy-center.org/education/mo-willems?fbclid=IwAR17U3ndv5fRadhQpdgFMU2lkX2_wSHLFa4tdiSEWqjhJKCuQjXrff6o_PU


#3.) And how about some Nature Livecams from The Revelator! These will be awesome to watch! https://therevelator.org/covid-19-wildlife-livecams/?fbclid=IwAR3m0lDLnTBWt9MBujQWAnDDJ_CHvqH_88FuyfRoGmXKWPySD7kf01dYnkc

Tembe Elephant Park, Decorah Eagles, Gorilla Forest Corridor and Otters and More at Monterey Bay, just to name a few!

#4.) NASA has made their entire media library publicly accessible and copyright free! https://www.diyphotography.net/nasa-makes-entire-media-library-publicly-accessible-copyright-free/?fbclid=IwAR3reL4QuyqqlgYpFjG1Ox7WewrmOABjcfiUfP0-SpoVkH3hjS_gnOzeI74

That’s a few to get you started today! Enjoy!