Fun Things to Do During Quarantine

While we’re all hanging out at home, there’s no need to just sit and stare at the walls. I’ll be posting suggestions of things to do while staying home and hopefully you will find some of them fun and enjoyable. Here’s a few to try today!

#1.) Here’s a website about Curious Critters.

#2.) Here’s an awesome site for learning to draw with Mo Willems!


#3.) And how about some Nature Livecams from The Revelator! These will be awesome to watch!

Tembe Elephant Park, Decorah Eagles, Gorilla Forest Corridor and Otters and More at Monterey Bay, just to name a few!

#4.) NASA has made their entire media library publicly accessible and copyright free!

That’s a few to get you started today! Enjoy!

One thought on “Fun Things to Do During Quarantine

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