Taste Testing Tuesday – #2

It’s time for another Taste Testing Tuesday! Today we will be trying ways to eat bell peppers or sweet peppers. In doing a little research on bell peppers, I found out that they are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. They have lots of iron and anti-inflammatory properties. So not only do their vibrant colors of green, yellow, orange and red make them appealing to the eye, they are also healthy to eat.

Bell peppers are easy to prepare. Simply cut out the stem area at the top and discard. Cut the pepper in half and throw away the seeds that are inside. Rinse and just that easy, you are ready to try a yummy way of eating them!

One suggestion is to cut the pepper in quarters and then each quarter in half to make little “boats”. Fill each one with your favorite egg salad or a cheese mixture.

You can cut the peppers in slices and use your favorite dip for dipping. Try using sour cream and adding some spices like cilantro, parsley or dill. For some reason, kids love dipping their food in something…lol.

Another idea I came across was for bell pepper nachos. Slice the peppers in thin strips and sprinkle some grated cheese on top. Heat in the oven or microwave just until the cheese melts.

If your kiddos just don’t go for peppers but you’d really like to sneak some healthy goodness into their diet, try hiding finely chopped pieces of pepper in things like meatloaf or meatballs. Or run the peppers through the blender and add them to pasta or spaghetti sauce. However you try them, I hope you can use these ideas to get some awesome bell peppers into your kids’ bellies! 😉 Be sure to stop back next week for another Taste Testing Tuesday! (And for fun crafting ideas in between!)

Let’s Play With Our Food!

Have you ever handed your child an orange only to have them look at you like “Really? This snack is soooo boring!” ? Well, today let’s liven things up a bit by playing with our food! Yep, I’m giving you permission to play with your food! Grab an orange, a few baby carrots, a couple of miniature marshmallows, a few mini chocolate chips plus a knife and a cutting board. We’re going to make some fun animal shapes!

Start by cutting both “ends” off the orange.

Next slice it into thin slices, leaving the rind on.

Take 3 or 4 baby carrots and slice them into round pieces. Full size carrots would work nicely too.

Take a couple of carrot slices and carefully cut out a “v” shape in each. Take a couple more carrot slices and cut them in half. And finally take a few more carrot slices and cut them into a triangle shape.

Smash a miniature marshmallow down with your thumb to make it a flatter wider circle.

Stick a mini chocolate chip in the middle of the marshmallow circle. I put my chocolate chips in point down.

Now begin assembling your animal shapes made with food! Here are a few ideas, but I’m sure you and your kids can use your imagination to come up with more! Let’s start with a small fish…

He’s really cute but he would like a friend so let’s make another one!

Or we could make a larger fish. Let’s look at Big Fish #1…

Yes, I cut the orange circles in half to make this fish. Next we have Big Fish #2…

If you have any kids that love dinosaurs, this next idea will tickle their fancy! (Thanks for the suggestion, Josh!) Yep, you guessed it – it’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex head!! Only this time YOU will be eating HIM!

I have one more idea for your oranges and carrots. It’s a bird…it’s a plane…noooo, it actually IS a bird! 😉

Who knew that with a little bit of magic and some imagination, that an orange could be so much fun! Hope you enjoy playing with your food! 🙂