Silly Fun With Wiggly Eyes

I had a streak of orneriness the other day and decided it would be fun to stick some wiggly eyes around the house and wait for someone to notice them. 😉 What are wiggly eyes? The cute little plastic eyes where the black part of the eye moves around. They are black and white but can also be colored.

I put a small piece of double-sided tape on the back of each eye. A word of caution…be careful not to stick them on anything valuable in case the tape would leave some sticky residue behind or tear paper.

This is what my husband saw when he wanted to fry some eggs. (Yes, he thought it was funny. He’s a good egg.) 😉

It’s not every day that the coffee pot looks back at you!

Here are a few other places that I put wiggly eyes…

In the fruit crisper drawer in the refrigerator…

On a potted plant…

Inside a bathroom cupboard…

On my hubby’s hat…

On an insulated cup…

On the bathroom scale…

And on the piano. (I didn’t use any tape for this one. I just laid the wiggly eyes on so they would stay in place.)

Did any of those pictures make you grin? 😉 It’s a simple and inexpensive way to have some fun. Who knew a pack of wiggly eyes could be so fun? 🙂 Give it a try yourself!

More Fun With Riddles!

Welcome to another Monday! And since sometimes Mondays can be a little rough with going back to school and work after a weekend off, let’s have a little fun with riddles to get us all grinning again. 🙂

#1.) What sign is posted at a Boa Constrictors family reunion?

Answer: “No Hugging!”

#2.) What time is it when a dinosaur sits on your sofa?

Answer: Time to get a new sofa!

#3.) What do frogs eat in France?

Answer: French flies!

#4.) Where did the dog leave his car?

Answer: In the barking lot!

#5.) How do sheep get clean?

Answer: They take a baa-th!

#6.) How do you entertain a cow?

Answer: Take her to the moo-vies!

#7.) What do you feed a race horse?

Answer: Fast food!

#8.) What do you call a parrot that likes to hike?

Answer: A walkie-talkie!

Are you smiling now? 🙂 I hope these riddles helped to lighten your mood and make you grin!