After Christmas Sales Galore!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! Now that Christmas is over, the end-of-the-year sales are in full swing! I wanted to share some of these sales with you in case you haven’t heard about them yet.

#1.) Let’s start with Bath&BodyWorks semi-annual sale. Yep, it only happens twice a year and this is one of those times! These are just some pictures from my email, not links to their website. I’m not affiliated with Bath&BodyWorks.

Notice this candle sale is only for today! (12-26-22)

Here is the link to their website:

#2.) Another sale happening today is online only at:

They have Lego sets 20, 30 and 40% off the regular price. Some of the sets on sale are also sets they will be retiring soon.

#3.) Be sure to check out the sales at Target!

Plus many more things on sale at Target!

#4.) Walmart has clearance prices too!

Here’s just 2 of the toys on clearance that I saw online.

That’s just a few of the stores that are having their winter clearances going on now. Again, I’m not affiliated with any of these stores. Just trying to help you save some money. 😉 Keep your eyes open and shop around and you’ll find some great deals! 🙂

More Toy Clearance Including LEGO!

I made a run to Walmart yesterday and saw some really great prices on some clearance toys! Check your local store to see if they have the same deals, but here are a few things I saw at our store here.

#1.) LEGO City Hospital #60330 Sale price of $79.00, normal price $120.00.

#2.) LEGO Friends Canal Houseboat #41702. Sale price $49.00, regular price $80.00.

#3.) LEGO MARVEL ETERNALS Rise of the Domo #76156. Sale price $49.00, regular price $90.00.

#4.) LEGO SUPER MARIO Big Urchin Beach Ride #71400. (Expansion set) Sale price $45.00, regular price $60.00.

#5.) LEGO City Wildlife Rescue Off-Roader #60301. Sale price $30.00, regular price $49.97.

I just want to mention a couple of other toys that are not LEGO related.

#6.) Care Bears Birthday Bear. Sale price $11.00, regular price $19.97.

#7.) Nickelodeon Paw Patrol City Tower. Sale price $15.00, regular price $26.44.

#8.) Mini Brands balls Series 3. Sale price $2.50, regular price $6.97.

Happy shopping! 🙂

More Walmart Toy Clearance!

Just want to share a couple of nice toys that I saw on clearance at Walmart. I can’t promise these are available at your nearest store, but it might be worth a stop to check it out. 🙂 The first one is a great Lego set…its the Lego City Wildlife Rescue Off-Roader. (#60301)

The clearance tag shows the regular price was $49.97 and it’s on clearance for $30.00! Nice price!

The other toy I want to share with you are the Mini Lalaloopsy dolls.

The regular price on these was $7.44 but they are on clearance for $2.00! Wow! Our store had 3 different dolls available.

Pix E. Flutters…

Storm E. Sky…

And Jewel Sparkles. These are quite cute!

So if you have some time (and a place to stash presents!) you might want to check out the toy clearance at your nearest Walmart store! Good luck! 🙂

More Toys on Clearance at Walmart!

When I made a quick stop at our local Walmart today, I found LOTS of things on clearance! Of course, since this blog is about kids, I checked out the toy clearance. 😉 There were too many things to mention even half of them, but here are a few that I thought had super good prices. Some prices are more than half off!

Cocomelon Deluxe Family House Playset. On sale for $19.00/normally $42.44!

Cocomelon School Time Deluxe Playtime Set. Sale price was $11.00/ normally priced at $26.88.

Googly Toss Game. Price today was $9.00/ regular price $23.88.

Baby Alive – 2 skin colors. Clearance price was $17.00/ normal price $25.97.

Jumbo Kickball Set. Sale price was $13.00/ regular price $23.88.

Baby Shark’s Big Show – Shark House Playset. On sale for $15.00/regular price is $32.44.

If you have been thinking about purchasing any of these item, RUN to your closest Walmart store and see if you can get them for a super price!! Christmas will be here before you know it! Good luck! 🙂

More Walmart Toy Clearance!

Just wanted to share a few more toys that are on clearance at Walmart! Some of these are super prices! Of course, your Walmart might not have the same items for clearance prices as mine does but just in case, here’s your latest hot tip! 😉

Toy Story 4 Bo Peep Talking Action Figure…clearance price is $7.00 while the original price was $29.84! Wow!! Any Toy Story 4 fans in your house?

K’nex Pac-Man Roller Coaster Building set…on sale for $17.00 with the normal price of $29.97. Note: this item had 2 stickers on it – one said the sale price was $17.00 and one said $20.00. I would definitely ask for the lower price!

Another item from Toy Story 4…the imaginext Carnival set. Sale price is $11.00 while the normal price was $29.82! Another wow!

Any Harry Potter fans looking for the Ron Weasley figure? This one is on sale for $4.00 with the original price at $19.97! Great prices! It’s not long till Valentine’s Day and these toys could give your wallet a boost! 🙂