More Walmart Toy Clearance!

Just wanted to share a few more toys that are on clearance at Walmart! Some of these are super prices! Of course, your Walmart might not have the same items for clearance prices as mine does but just in case, here’s your latest hot tip! 😉

Toy Story 4 Bo Peep Talking Action Figure…clearance price is $7.00 while the original price was $29.84! Wow!! Any Toy Story 4 fans in your house?

K’nex Pac-Man Roller Coaster Building set…on sale for $17.00 with the normal price of $29.97. Note: this item had 2 stickers on it – one said the sale price was $17.00 and one said $20.00. I would definitely ask for the lower price!

Another item from Toy Story 4…the imaginext Carnival set. Sale price is $11.00 while the normal price was $29.82! Another wow!

Any Harry Potter fans looking for the Ron Weasley figure? This one is on sale for $4.00 with the original price at $19.97! Great prices! It’s not long till Valentine’s Day and these toys could give your wallet a boost! 🙂

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