Bird Nester

Sorry to go MIA on you all…a dear friend of ours passed away this week and it’s been hard to have something upbeat to post. His funeral was today…so sad that he is gone but so thankful he was a part of our life since childhood. I did a little “gardening therapy” after we got home this evening. There’s just something about getting your hands in the dirt. This little “bird nester” was given to me as a gift and I am looking forward to see what birds show up to nab a bit of alpaca fiber to make their nests nice and cozy. 😊 The trees close to the house have died so I’m hoping this spot will interest the birds. I also sprinkled some dried meal worms around it to entice them. I may be doing this all wrong but we shall see if we get any takers. It’s been a soothing project for a sad day. Hugs to all of you!

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