My Quiet Notebook

Do you ever need to go someplace and the kids have to go along but they need to be quiet? Maybe it’s to church or a funeral or a place that calls for not talking out loud for a while. Today’s craft is perfect for those occasions! I call it a Quiet Notebook. Any small notebook will do and the paper can be lined or unlined. The pages you include in it will depend on your child’s age so feel free to adjust accordingly. I started mine out with matching items. The first page is matching letters. I wrote capital letters down the left side of the page, then wrote the same capital letters on the right side of the page but in a different order. Let the child draw a line between the ones that are the same.

You can do just a few letters or work your way through the entire alphabet. You can do some pages for matching capital letters with lower case letters too.

My third page is numbers, done in the same way as the letters.

Next, I added some shapes for matching.

Stickers are great fun for kids and so I used some stickers too. Again, let the child draw a line between the stickers that are the same.

For the next page, I made it a little bit harder. (Again, fit the pages to your child’s abilities.) I used stickers again but this time they need to match the items that are similar, but not exactly the same. For example, there are 2 kittens but they are not the same kitten. Two sets of puppies but different breeds.

Another idea is to do a page matching small words.


I switched gears and made some pages where they draw the picture they see. Good for practicing fine motor skills. The first one is a simple version of a cat at the top of the page with room for them to draw one at the bottom.

Then a page of shapes to copy.

Then an awesome funny-looking caterpillar. 😉

We have done some of these type of pages with our 5-year-old granddaughter and she asked for more! Hope this will give you some good ideas to create a Quiet Notebook of your own! Feel free to share any different ideas you have! Always glad for your input!

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