Let’s plant pretty flowers!

This is a great time of year to encourage kids to learn more about plants and how they can beautify our outdoors. There is just something so special about getting your hands into some dirt! It’s very therapeutic for me! So here’s a crash course on making an awesome pot of flowers. 😉 First decide where you can put a pot of flowers. Check to see if its mostly sunny or mostly shaded there for the bigger part of the day. You can buy a pot for your flowers or look around your house and see what you already have that might work. I chose a galvanized metal tub that we had that adds a nice country look to our flowerbed. You’ll need a bag of dirt or potting soil to fill the container 3/4’s full.

Once you know if your spot is shady or sunny, then you’ll know what type of plants to buy. My tub will be in a sunny spot so I bought plants that love the sun. Don’t worry if you don’t know which plants like shade and which ones like sun because most places that sell plants will have tags in each pot that tell you which kind it is. If you don’t see any tags, ask the person working in the store. Most people are glad to help you find what you need.

It’s nice to have plants that have different colors of flowers and grow to different heights. Again, that information is on the tags. I wanted to have a red, white & blue theme so I found red and blue Petunias and white Calibrachoa. I like to add some plants that just offer greenery but have different shaped foliage and vine out so I also bought a Dracaena Spike, an Asparagus Fern and a Vinca Vine.

Spike and Petunia
Petunia and Vinca Vine
Calibrachoa and Asparagus Fern

The size of your pot will determine how many plants you have room for. My pot is quite large so I had room for 6-7 plants. First, I planted the Spike in the center of the pot.

Then I planted the white Calibrachoa just off to the right a little in front of the Spike. Calibrachoa come in so many beautiful colors and they are fairly easy to keep blooming if you are careful to keep them watered.

To the left of the Calibrachoa, I planted the red Petunia.

On the other side of the Calibrachoa, I planted the Asparagus Fern.

Then back to the left side of the red Petunia, I placed the Vinca Vine. As it grows, it will send vines out over the side of the tub which gives the pot a nice look.

Then last, but not least, I had room for 2 blue Petunias in the space that was left.

Ta Dah! You did it! You now have a beautiful planter to add some color to your out-of-doors area. Don’t forget to water the pot well after you have it settled in its new place. Don’t worry if it looks like you have a bit too much room between the plants because they will fill it in as they grow throughout the summer. I made 4 tubs like this and they are sitting along our split rail fence in front of our house. I’m adding some small American flags for a lovely patriotic area. Kids will enjoy this project especially if they are involved in it from picking out the plants, to planting, and finally sitting the finished pot out for all to enjoy. 🙂 Have fun!

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