Making a Caterpillar

Are you having all this crazy rainy weather that we are getting in Ohio? Are you going bonkers with your kids shut up inside, not able to go outside to play and burn off some excess energy?? ARGH!! Here’s an idea to keep them entertained for a little while! Let’s make a caterpillar! Items you’ll need for this project are a cardboard egg carton, paint, markers or crayons, scissors and a pipe cleaner is nice, but not a have-to-have. This idea came from one of our grandsons. A few years ago he gave me a caterpillar he had made and I have kept it ever since. 🙂 I came across it again a couple days ago and thought I would share my version with you. Here is my grandson’s caterpillar:

Isn’t it cute?! He did an awesome job making it! 🙂 Now let’s show you how to make your own! Start by cutting the egg carton bottom off…and then cutting the bottom part in half lengthwise.

If your egg carton is like mine, you will need to trim a bit off of the cut side to make the caterpillar sit flat. The edge right by my finger has been cut.

Next, draw a face on one end with a black marker.

If you don’t have a pipe cleaner, you can also draw 2 lines for his antennae. Color each section using the color of your choice. You can use paint, crayons or markers.

Your caterpillar can be all one color or you can color each section a different color.

If you are using a pipe cleaner, poke 2 very small holes in the top of the head section for his antennae. I tried to use the point of a knife, but as you can see I ended up making a slice on one side instead of just a tiny hole. Oops! 😉

Cut the pipe cleaner in half and stick a piece into each hole. Push it through far enough that you can bend the end over a few times on the inside of the head to keep the antenna from pulling back out. Pull the pipe cleaner pieces back up so most of the piece is sticking up above the caterpillar’s head.

Roll the top end of each piece of pipe cleaner into a spiral and your caterpillar is done!

For an added bit of fun, you could read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle while your little one holds her/his caterpillar. 🙂

I would love to see your caterpillars if you would care to share your pictures with me!

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