Kazoos! Bless you!

The sun is shining here! (For the moment…) Let’s make a fun little instrument that will help the kids let off a little steam! An instrument? Yep, a kazoo! This project is super easy and needs only an empty toilet paper roll, wax paper and a rubberband. Crayons or markers or stickers add a little more fun.

What is a kazoo? It’s a small instrument that makes a cool buzzing sound when you place it on your mouth and you hum or sing into it. Let’s begin making one with an empty toilet paper roll.

Decorate it any way you like. I added some strips of construction paper to mine.

Then colored on some dots, squares and stars to snazz it up a bit.

Take a piece of wax paper…either a square or a circle…and cover one end of the tube. Hold it in place with a rubberband. Your kazoo is complete! The fun really takes off when you place the open end of the kazoo around your mouth and start humming! It makes a very cool buzzy sound. Make one for each member of your family or play group and have a parade! It might be easier on your ears if everyone is humming the same song, but I’m betting the kids don’t care if each of them hums a different tune! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ Have fun!!

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