Chrysalis Update!

Guess what?! Our Monarch’s metamorphosis is complete!! I’m so excited!! I’ve been trying to keep a close eye on our chrysalis, but our butterfly snuck out of the chrysalis when I wasn’t looking! Sneaky thing! It happened so fast! Let’s back up in our story just a little bit. Here’s how our Monarch was looking on Monday evening…

The chrysalis was a light green color and you could barely make out what looked like lines on wings when looking at the side of it. But things changed by Tuesday evening…

The chrysalis had become a very dark color…a dark green or almost black. That’s how it looked Wednesday morning when we got up. I was working in the kitchen…where the chrysalis has been “hanging out” in its little box sitting on the counter. I hadn’t looked at it for maybe half an hour and so I glanced over, expecting to not see much difference yet. SURPRISE!!!! The butterfly had already emerged!! I was completely shocked at how fast it changed!

You can see what is left of the chrysalis hanging beside the butterfly. Over the next little while, the butterfly’s wings seemed to stretch out flatter.

We gave a chrysalis to our daughter and her family and theirs also emerged today!

There is one more chrysalis that I bought at the Pollinators Festival and we gave that one to our son and daughter-in-law. As of this morning, theirs hadn’t turned the darker color yet. I’ll keep you posted on that one as I get news from them. For the rest of today, our butterfly will just be hanging out in his little home and tomorrow he will get to venture out into the big world! If you get a chance to raise a Monarch butterfly, DO IT!! I can’t tell you how much we are enjoying this! I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know how this butterfly’s release goes! 🙂

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