Butterfly Chrysalis #3

If you have been following along with our butterfly chrysalis story, you know that #1 and #2 are safely on their way out into the big wide world. It’s time to report on chrysalis #3. Our son and daughter-in-law who live in IN got the third one. Aaaaaaand it emerged yesterday! 🙂

Guess what? It’s another female! And her name is Cassie. 😉 Wow, hard to believe all 3 were females! She also snuck out of her chrysalis when no one was watching. (Maybe they are shy? Lol) So today was Cassie’s big release day! Here she is venturing outside for the first time.

Cassie decided she liked sitting on Melissa’s finger and so she took her time adjusting to this new place. Then she stretched her wings a few times and she was off!

There is something rather exhilarating, but a bit sad, when the butterfly flies off on it’s own. After all, that’s the whole purpose of raising them…to help them prosper and replenish their dwindling numbers. It’s a wonderful project that kids will love doing so if you can, please help us help the beautiful Monarch butterfly survive! And stay tuned…we’ve been finding Monarch caterpillars! 🙂 🙂

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