Toy Clearance at Walmart!

I know Christmas is over and your kids probably got a lot of new toys recently but if you have any birthdays coming up soon or have a place to stash toys until Easter, you might want to make a run to your nearest Walmart to check out the toy clearance! I popped into our Walmart on a grocery run today and here are a few of the items I saw on sale.

Harry Potter 4″ collectible wands will fit nicely into an Easter basket. Regularly $4.99 on sale for $2.00.

Fingerlings Minis Surprise packages would make another great Easter basket idea. Regularly $2.97 on sale for $2.00.

Silly Sand sculpting sand in an egg shape definitely should work in an Easter basket! Regularly $2.96 on sale for $2.00.

Now for a few slightly larger items I noticed. My Little Pony…there were a few different colors of these for sale. Regularly $14.88 on sale for $9.00.

Mighty Pups Super Paws from Paw Patrol are one of our grandson’s favorite toys! They are regularly $14.84 on sale for $9.00. There were 3 or 4 different characters for sale at our Walmart.

And then they also had a smaller version of Mighty Pups Super Paws characters. Here’s Marshall, regular price is $6.97, on sale for $4.50.

That’s all the ones I had time to get pictures of but there were many more things on sale in the clearance isle. I’m sure each Walmart store has different items on sale but it might be worth your while to make a run and see what they have that might interest you. One more thing I have to share is something I saw for the first time today…

Baby Shark cereal??! Yep! Maybe I am just not very observant and it’s been there for a while but it’s a first for me! Lol I’m not recommending it, just thought it was cute. 😁 Good luck hunting for clearance sales!

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