Crayola Glitter Dots Review

Have you seen the Crayola Glitter Dots? I came across them at Walmart not long ago and decided to check them out. The fact that they were on clearance and only $2.00 might have helped my decision. 😉

So the idea is that you can color things with glitter easily and with less mess. Who wouldn’t like having less mess with kids using glitter, right?!

The package contains 42 glitter dots and has 7 dots of each color – gold, red, silver, green, blue and black. The only instructions are on the outside of the package, but that’s really all that is needed.

It says to just peel back the foil covering the individual dot, place it on your project and squish it in place. Here is what I used to try them out…a paper towel underneath to catch any run-away glitter and a wooden circle to color with the dots.

I had trouble with the “peel” step. I couldn’t get a hold of an edge of the foil to peel it back. So I used a sharp knife to cut through the foil and then I could peel it back to get the glitter dot out.

I started with a gold glitter dot in the center of the wooden circle.

Aaaaand I squished it flat.

Next I used a red glitter dot. And then a blue one…and a silver one.

I continued until I had used 1 glitter dot of each color. The dots do definitely make LESS glitter mess, but you will still have some bits of glitter hanging around loose. The problem I found is that while squishing the dot flat, it wants to stick to your finger instead of the item you are trying to color.

I tried holding down a spot of the squished dot with one finger while spreading and squishing more with another finger. That did help some. Some times the sticky part seemed to be more on the top side as I was squishing it, so I turned it over and then continued spreading it. I can see where some kids might get frustrated trying to get the dot to stay where they put it.

My overall rating for the Crayola Glitter Dots would be 4 out of 5 stars. It’s great that it is less of a mess than using glitter in other forms, but the fact that it’s hard to get out of the package and sticks as well to you as it does to your project makes a couple of strikes against it in my book. It is fun and a little different so if you can find it on sale like I did, I would say it’s worth the $2.00 in fun for your kids. 🙂 If you’ve used these, please let me know what you think of them!

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