M&M Messages

Have you seen the new M&M Messages? They are packs of M&M’s that have cute sayings on the outside of the bag. I saw them for the first time this week and some of them are rather funny. 🙂 They would be a fun way to give someone a little treat along with a “hug”. Here’s two that I saw…

“I’d follow you anywhere in a non-creepy way.”
“I just want to apologize for whatever I do in the future.”

There are a lot more sayings to choose from. Like…

1.) “Have a great day pretending to work.”

2.) “I wish I had more friends like me.”

3.) “Friends don’t let friends eat chocolate alone.”

4.) “Emotional support candy.”

5.) “Congrats on that thing that you did.”

6.) “Miss your face.”

You can check them out and even buy some at https://www.mms.com/shop/mms-messages

Have fun! I’ll see you on Monday with some new ideas for kids playing with craft sticks! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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