M&M Picture Fun for Spring!

Happy 1st Day of Spring!! 🙂

Whoohoo! I am so ready for Spring! How about you? The calendar says it is Spring, but boy, it is cold and windy outside! Let’s pretend not to notice and have some fun inside today! We can have some great fun making pictures with Mini M&M’s candy pieces! You will need a white plate or a white piece of paper and some Mini M&M’s.

And a bowl will make it easier to pick out the color of M&M that you want to use.

This project is so simple! All you do is arrange the M&M’s in such a way that it makes a cool picture. Like this simple flower…

When you are done with the picture, just dump the M&M’s back into the bowl and start over! 🙂 Here’s a more elaborate flower…

You could try a smiley face…

Or maybe a fish in water…

Or how about making a lady bug with blue antennae? 😉

The things you can make are endless! 🙂 And the best part? You can eat the M&M’s when you are finished! Super simple, but lots of fun! 🙂

Amazing M&M’s Candy Rainbow Experiment

This has got to be one of the coolest kids’ experiments that I’ve tried! (Yes, I’m easily impressed!) It’s quite simple to do and doesn’t take much to do it, but it has a lot of WOW factor! Grab a plate that slopes in towards the center a little (plain white is best if you have one), some M&M’s candies or Skittles candies and a some water. Here we go! This is the plate I used:

A few M&M’s…

Line the outside edge of the plate with the candies. I suggest alternating the colors for the best effect.

Slowly pour water into the center of the plate.

Keep pouring the water until the candies are mostly or completely covered.

The magic is beginning to happen…can you see it? Look at the red and orange candies…

Now you can see it, can’t you?! 🙂

Here comes the rainbow!!

You don’t need to touch or move anything. The rainbow happens all by itself!

Almost touching in the middle!

Ta dah!! How cool is that?!

I’m guessing you are hearing a lot of “ooo’s” and “ahh’s” about now! 🙂 It’s a very simple but quite entertaining experiment! Hope you have fun trying it! I know I did! 🙂

M&M Messages

Have you seen the new M&M Messages? They are packs of M&M’s that have cute sayings on the outside of the bag. I saw them for the first time this week and some of them are rather funny. 🙂 They would be a fun way to give someone a little treat along with a “hug”. Here’s two that I saw…

“I’d follow you anywhere in a non-creepy way.”
“I just want to apologize for whatever I do in the future.”

There are a lot more sayings to choose from. Like…

1.) “Have a great day pretending to work.”

2.) “I wish I had more friends like me.”

3.) “Friends don’t let friends eat chocolate alone.”

4.) “Emotional support candy.”

5.) “Congrats on that thing that you did.”

6.) “Miss your face.”

You can check them out and even buy some at https://www.mms.com/shop/mms-messages

Have fun! I’ll see you on Monday with some new ideas for kids playing with craft sticks! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂