How to Keep Your Sanity When the Kids Are Home…All. The. Time.

Our world has changed very rapidly over the past few days. Maybe your old routine had the kids at school all day and you at work. Suddenly everyone is at HOME. TOGETHER. 24/7. We are all struggling to adjust to our new way of life for the time being. If you are feeling overwhelmed by suddenly caring for your family every minute of every day, figuring out how to do their school work, keeping them fed healthy meals, stopping them from attempting to murder each other because “he looked at me funny”, keeping all bodies dressed in clean clothes and trying to do your own work too… are you ready to scream and your quarantine just started?! I hereby give you permission to just STOP…take a DEEP breath…let it out slowly…take another deep breath…let it out slowly…and now I’m telling you, YOU’VE GOT THIS!

You do, you really do!! I want to offer just a couple of tips for you. #1.) Give yourselves time to adjust to a new routine. Hey, even give yourself time to FIND that new routine! You’ll get there! Making a list of things that need to happen each day or once a week or whenever will help you to make a schedule up so you can see where you are and what needs done each day.

#2.) Don’t expect perfection from your kids…or from yourself. Kids are gonna be kids and they are likely going to moan and groan about having to do school work at home. Isn’t home just for playing and hanging out? Nope, sorry, kiddo! Just stand firm and don’t take no for an answer. You ARE the parent. 😉 You’ve got this!

#3.) Don’t beat yourself up over what didn’t get done today. Did you have peanut butter sandwiches for lunch again? That’s ok! Did the kids (and you) spend the entire day in their (your) pajamas? That’s ok! You can just declare that today is a “stay-in-your-jammies-all-day” day!

And you can even add on “messy-hair-don’t-care” day to that. As you can see, we have had some of those days here! Lol

#4.) I hope you will turn to this blog for ideas and suggestions of things to do with your kids. There are lots of ideas on here already and I plan to keep posting new ones. We’ll get through this by supporting each other. This can turn out to be a special time of being together as a family if we all are willing to put forth a little effort and step out of our comfort zones.

#5.) It’s ok for kids to get bored sometimes! They really won’t die of boredom, no whatever what they tell you. 😉 There are books and games and crafts and electronics and I could go on and on. When all else fails, suggest a nap. I’m betting they will find something to do quite quickly! Or suggest they clean their room!

So the point of this post is just to encourage you that in spite of the overwhelming way things feel right now, you can do this…just take it one step at a time! I’ll leave you with this for today…

Hugs to everyone! Thanks for visiting! You’ve Got This!!

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