Orange Peel Bird Feeders

Watching and feeding birds can be a very interesting pastime for people of all ages, but children especially can enjoy learning about the birds that live close to them. We love to put out bird feeders and then keep a record of what birds visit us. Today’s project is making a little bird feeder from an orange! To get started you’ll need an orange, a small bowl for the orange “insides”, some bird seed, a little bit of peanut butter, a knife for cutting the orange and a bowl and a spoon for stirring the seed.

First step is to cut the orange in half.

Remove the edible orange parts from the inside, being careful not to tear the orange peel. Now is a good time to pause and eat a snack of orange goodness! 😉 Yum!

Set the 2 halves of the empty orange peel aside for the moment.

Now put some bird seed in your bowl and add a glob of peanut butter. No need to measure anything. Just put some of each in your bowl with enough peanut butter to hold the seeds together.

Stir the seeds and peanut butter together with a spoon.

Put the seed and peanut butter mixture into the empty orange peel shells, packing it in to fill the entire shell.

And you’ve done it! Your orange peel bird feeders are ready to go outside and feed some new friends!

It’s nice to find a place to put your little bird feeders close to a window where you can watch the birds come to eat from them. If you prefer to hang them from a tree branch, you can poke 2 holes in the sides of each orange peel half and tie some string through the holes. We have an old flower pot that we have been feeding the birds in so that’s where I placed my 2 bird feeders.

I hope you will try this project and then enjoy some wonderful family time together as you watch the birds find your feeder and you learn more about the birds native to your area. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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