Hunting for Hearts – InThisTogether

Have you heard about the people that are displaying hearts in their windows as a show of love and support for each other during this pandemic? It’s a nice way for kids when going for a drive in the car or a walk with their parents to have something to look for. I heard about it on Facebook and there is a group you can join to learn more about it. The group is called Heart Hunters.

It seems like a fun project to get involved in, so I gathered up some construction paper, heart shaped cookie cutters, a pencil, scissors and tape and got to work!

I used several different colors of paper to make my display bright and colorful. I made 2 sizes of hearts by tracing around the heart shaped cookie cutters and then cut each one out with my scissors.

I put my design in a window facing the road. I had trouble getting a clear picture because of the sunshine and the overhang on our roof. But now its going to rain so I’ll have to go with this picture.

I kept my design pretty simple but there are some AMAZING and complicated displays on the Heart Hunters Facebook page so be sure to go join and check it out. You can also add a photo of your heart display too. 🙂 Have fun making hearts!! We’re #InThisTogether!

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