Sidewalk Chalk Art Fun

Last week we had 4 of our 6 grandchildren staying with us. It was sooooo nice and we had a good time! Their mom had her birthday on one of the days the kids were staying here, so we made some sidewalk chalk drawings for her for her birthday. Have you tried sidewalk chalk? It’s great fun and the next rain will wash it away for you. Sidewalk chalk is available at stores like Walmart, Target, etc. Here is our granddaughter getting started on her design.

Can you guess what she is drawing? If you said, a unicorn, you are exactly right! She LOVES unicorns! And she drew a pretty nice one!

The kids had a lot of fun making their sidewalk chalk art. There really isn’t anything you need to know ahead of time for this project. Just buy some sidewalk chalk and start drawing! Here are some more pictures they made:

Did you notice the beach theme? Their mama likes to go to the beach so they were trying to make her happy for her birthday. 😉 They took pictures of their artwork and sent them by a text message to their mama. Even Grandma and Grandpa got in on the action!

Playing with sidewalk chalk is cheap and good for the imagination and helps work on using those fine motor skills. Did I mention fun? Yep, it’s a lot of fun to draw outside and to watch your picture take shape and the pictures of others too. I hope you’ll take some time soon to make some sidewalk chalk art! 🙂

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