Taste Testing Tuesday – #9

Hello again! We’re back with another round of Taste Testing Tuesday! Today’s main ingredient is vanilla greek yogurt. Or any kind of yogurt you would like to use. We will be using Chobani vanilla greek yogurt and trying it 5 different ways. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil to make a chart and draw a face for what you think of each taste test. Draw a smile if you like it, a straight face if it’s just ok and a frowny face if you don’t care for it. There is no wrong answer! (Don’t forget to try it plain to see if that is your favorite way.)

Put a couple of spoonful’s of yogurt into each little bowl. For our first taste test, let’s add some granola. Mmmm!

To the next bowl, let’s add a few blueberries.

In bowl #3, let’s add some miniature chocolate chips. (Oooo, did I see your eyes light up for chocolate chips?!)

In bowl #4, how about using some fresh or canned peach slices?

Just one more bowl to go! Let’s add cake sprinkles! That looks pretty cool! This bowl gets my vote for the best looking bowl!

Ok, so what did you think? Did you like them all? Which one is your favorite? Least favorite? What else can you think of to add to vanilla yogurt?

Not only are kids finding new things they like to eat through taste testing, but they are also learning that not everyone likes the same foods and that’s OKAY!! I saw this with our own grandkids last week. They looked at each other with more respect when they didn’t all like the same things but it was just fine that they didn’t. 😉 I hope you have fun testing out different ways to eat vanilla greek yogurt!

Until next week’s Taste Testing Tuesday, we’re saying so long! 🙂

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