Happy National Unicorn Day!

Did you know that today is National Unicorn Day? Well, now you do! Haha! I found out just a couple of days ago and decided we needed to do something to celebrate! So here is an adorable quick craft kit that I found at a Joann Fabric store.

The pieces that you put on the felt unicorn are like stickers. You peel that paper off the back and stick it where it goes. It does not include printed instructions, but you can tell what to do by looking at the picture on the package.

First I took all the pieces out of the package and laid them out so I could see what I had to work with.

Next I punched out all the sticker pieces and discarded the outside edges.

I placed her sparkly unicorn horn and her ear on.

Then came her 2 piece saddle and her pink mane.

Now for 4 pink hooves and a pink tail.

Lastly, I placed the 4 little flowers for a crown on her head.

All done! Isn’t she pretty? That was a fun way to celebrate National Unicorn Day! I hope you have a good day too! (Next year, maybe I can plan ahead for more unicorn fun!) 😉

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