Walking Wild Rescue

Today’s post is a post of a different sort than what I usually share. I learned yesterday about a place called Walking Wild Fox Rescue and Wolf Dog Sanctuary. I don’t know these folks or have any connection with them, but I read an article about what they are doing in a magazine our electric company sends us. According to the article, Molly and David Schulz, “rescue and save foxes and wolf dogs from unfortunate surroundings and give them a safe, healthy home to live for the rest of their lives.” I have never heard of anyone doing this so I found it very interesting and I thought you might too.

They have a website where you can read more about what they are doing and see pictures of the foxes and wolf dogs that they have. You can learn about where the foxes were rescued from and more about their stories and how they ended up at Walking Wildlife Rescue. The website address is: https://walkingwildrescue.org/

This is Fiddle.

Here is Russel.

And this is Nala.

I didn’t know foxes came in so many colors! All pictures are from their website. I think you will find it interesting to take a look and they could use your support, if you are so inclined. This is a great thing to show to your kids so they can learn about the animals too and about people that are doing what they can to help them. 🙂

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