It’s a “2” Day ! 2-2-22!

Today is February 2, 2022 and that makes for a very cool looking date! 2-2-22! This calls for a day of 2’s!

See how many things you can do today that involve 2 of something. 🙂 Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Eat 2 pieces of toast.

Or maybe eat 2 pieces of eggs.

Read 2 books!

Practice writing the number 2.

Or for kids that are a little older, practice counting or writing numbers by 2’s.

Play 2 games.

Play with 2 toys.

Rusty thought playing with 2 toys looked like fun! 😉

Make 2 crafts.

Eat 2 pieces of candy! Yum! 😉

Hug 2 stuffed animals.

Build 2 Lego sets.

I’m sure you can think of more things to do in 2’s! Like wearing 2 socks and 2 shoes! 🙂 And if you go outside today, it might be a good idea to wear 2 gloves or 2 mittens. You can exercise by doing 2 jumping jacks and 2 sit ups. I hope you have a wonderful 2-day! 🙂

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