Yes, Sometimes My Experiments Fail

If you’ve ever thought that just because I have a blog, everything I try as an experiment has worked, let me set you straight! As the title says, sometimes my experiments fail! LOL I have had some MAJOR fails and I thought that today I would tell you about one that might tickle your funny bone and also help you see that things don’t always go as planned for other people too. 😉

I’ve been wanting to try to make the colored frozen balls I saw on Pinterest that look really cool outside in the snow. It’s easy, they said. Nothing to it, they said. One person said if you use food coloring gel, mix it in water and then fill up a balloon with it. Ummm…how exactly do you get colored water INTO a balloon?! (Fail #1) Another person said to put some food coloring into an empty balloon, hook the end of the balloon over your faucet and slowly fill the balloon with water. Sounds good, right? Everything was going along fine until it was time to remove the balloon from the faucet. I didn’t stop to think that there was PRESSURE inside the balloon and as I started to slip the lip of the balloon off the faucet….yep, it SPRAYED red food coloring/water all over the kitchen sink and the surrounding area. (Fail #2) I managed to shut off the spraying balloon and struggled to tie it closed. Finally, my first success! Time to clean up the sprayed mess before everything turned red…

Now for a blue balloon! This time I thought I would be smart and before I took the balloon off the faucet, I decided to twist it a few times so it would be closed. No spraying, right? Well, there was no spraying, BUT the balloon neck broke and stayed on the faucet and the rest of the balloon fell down into the sink. The blue water inside the balloon came gushing out and a tsunami came out of the sink, down the front of the cupboard and all over the kitchen floor. (Fail #3) Oh my, is right! Time to clean up a blue mess…

I decided I would just try 1 balloon since I was not having much success so far. I sat the red balloon outside on our little cement steps/porch so it could freeze overnight. The next morning, I checked the balloon and it felt solid! I thought I better move it into the grass before cutting the balloon off so I started to pick it up…aaaaand the balloon broke on it’s own. The best part was that the water was NOT frozen solid so when the balloon broke, the ice/water inside came gushing out all over the cement steps. (Fail #4) I grabbed as much of the ice as I could and dropped it into the grass. Where it, of course, broke into several pieces.

I ran back into the house to get a pitcher of water to wash the porch area off before it turned red. The end of that experiment!! Haha! But I still wanted to see the frozen colored shapes so I found some small containers and decided to use them.

I made 6 colors of water.

And put them outside to freeze.

Wouldn’t you know, the temperature stayed above freezing for several days. (Fail #5) Finally last night the temperature got down to 18 degrees. 🙂 Tomorrow is supposed to be a warm day, so I hurried outside this morning to check on my cups of colored water. They were frozen! (Well, kind of frozen…)

By now all the snow has melted, so putting my frozen shapes onto the dead grass doesn’t have quite the same effect. (Fail #6) I popped each one out of the containers and lined them up.

They did look pretty cool! (Just use your imagination that they are sitting in a nice white mound of snow.)

If you are an observant type of person, you might notice that the tops of the shapes have holes in them. Yea, not frozen completely. And now my gloves are very pretty colors and in the laundry. (Fail #7) Just for fun, before all the liquid ran out, I stacked them in a pyramid. (Does that count as something right happened?!) Lol The sun is shining today and the temperature is in the 40’s, so my colorful pyramid is now gone.

So if you try any of my project suggestions on this blog and things don’t go as planned, DON’T feel bad!! I’ve lost track of how many experiments I have tried that didn’t work for me and never made it to a post. 😉 But my husband and I had a few good laughs over my mishaps so maybe some good did come from it after all. 🙂

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