The Never Ending Laundry Pile

Do you ever feel like your laundry is never done? I mean, as soon as you put that last clean pair of socks in someone’s drawer, you turn around and there are dirty clothes in the hamper again! I shouldn’t complain because there are only 2 of us now but boy, do I remember what it was like when there were 6 of us living here! 😳 For a lot of people, Monday is laundry day. So I thought we could all use a bit of humor today to help us chuckle as we tackle the laundry mountain once again.

Yeeesssss, laundry will always be there for us! Our washer decided to quit working and so I made the trek to the laundromat today. So now I have 6 loads of laundry to dry! Soooo fun!! If today is your laundry day too, I’m sending you warm thoughts to keep you going! 😉 Just remember, one day your kids will be big enough to do their own laundry!

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