Happy April Fool’s Day!

Have you played any pranks on anyone today for April Fool’s Day? Has anyone caught you in an April Fool’s joke? April Fool’s Day can be fun if the pranks that are played are safe and not mean or destructive.

Here are a few silly ideas you might try.

Rubberbands on a cell phone.

Hiding a stuffed animal or doll in someone’s bed.

Putting a piece of Lego candy or a piece of Lego somewhere you wouldn’t normally see Lego.

Putting a colored hair band in someone’s hairbrush.

Tell someone you made them some “brown-E’s”. (Brownies)

Remember to follow the golden rule and don’t play a trick on someone else that you wouldn’t like for them to play on you! 😉 Paybacks are bound to come back to you! Haha! Have fun this April Fool’s Day!

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