Easy Foam Easter Bunny From Dollar Tree

Easter is coming closer! Are you looking for some fun Easter crafting ideas to do with your kids? Be sure to check out your nearest Dollar Tree store! Today I want to share with you an adorable little bunny kit I found there.

This is a very easy kit to put together with the kiddos. It’s made with foam stickers. Be sure to save the little picture that shows you where each piece belongs. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

First I punched out the pink glittery pieces which are 2 pieces for the inside of the bunny’s ears, a little pink nose and a pink tummy. Then I added his eyes.

Next I did his mouth and bow tie.

It’s time to stick 2 pink spots on for his cheeks.

Now there’s just the 2 pieces of the carrot left to do. I suggest peeling off only the top part of the backing for the carrot so you won’t have an entire sticky piece hanging there.

Put the top of the carrot onto the bunny’s hand.

Lastly, put the green carrot top onto the top of the carrot. And you’ve finished your adorable bunny! πŸ™‚

Find a cute place to put him to help decorate your house for Easter! πŸ™‚ Hope you can find these bunnies at your local Dollar Tree store!

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