Christmas Stuff in September??

Ok, so yesterday I made the comment about sharing a Halloween craft when it was still September…but today I did some shopping and I was surprised (well, maybe shocked) to see how much Christmas stuff is in the stores already! Is it just me or do the Christmas decorations show up earlier every year? I like Christmas too, but already?? Here’s what greeted me when I walked into Lowes today…

Aaaaand a bunch of Christmas trees.

Look at what I saw when I went into Hobby Lobby…

You gotta check out these ADORABLE gnomes! So cute! (Ok, it did make me smile just looking at them. And yes, that sign says 50% off.)

Before you get the wrong idea, I am NOT Scrooge! I love buying gifts for our family and I love the Christmas season. But my question to you is “Is the Christmas season starting too early?” I don’t usually wait till the last minute to do my shopping. But seeing all the items in the stores now makes me feel like I’m a real slow poke! LOL So, tell me what you think? Are you buying Christmas decor and/or gifts already? Or is it too soon for you? Thanks! I look forward to seeing your responses! 🙂

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