One more Butterfly Craft

We have been having so much fun with our Monarch butterflies and doing butterfly crafts! Are you tired of butterflies? No, I didn’t think so! Who gets tired of butterflies?! So I have one more butterfly craft up my sleeve! Today’s craft takes only tissue paper and a pipe cleaner along with a pair of scissors, a pencil and something round to trace around, like a small plate. Want a sneak peek at what we’re making today? Ok, here it is!

Let’s get started! First, take one sheet of tissue paper and fold over one end until it’s large enough for a small plate to fit on it.

Make a good crease in the tissue paper on the fold by running your finger down it. Open the tissue paper back up and cut along the crease you just made.

Now fold the piece you cut off in half the other way until you have a double layer big enough for the plate to fit on.

Take your pencil and trace around the outside edge of the plate.

Keeping the two layers of tissue paper together, cut on the circle you just traced around the plate. You should end up with 2 circles that are the same size.

Now let’s prepare the pipe cleaner to become the butterfly’s body. Fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist it a few times on the end with the bend in it so you have a twist that goes about 1/3 of the way up.

Back to the tissue paper circles now. Starting on one side of the circle, in the middle, start scrunching up the circles until you have them both gathered together in the middle.

Now put the 2 scrunched up circles together by holding them against each other in the center.

Take the pipe cleaner and slide it over the middle portion of the scrunched circles. Give it a few twists to secure it in place.

Don’t worry if your butterfly looks a little scrunched up because now you can gently move the tissue paper around until you get the butterfly’s wings to look just right. Do this gently because tissue paper will tear pretty easily.

And there’s your beautiful butterfly! Make as many as you like in as many colors as you like!

I think these would look lovely if you tied a piece of thread to them and hung them up where they could blow in the breeze and look like they are flying! I hope you enjoyed this project and that you make a bunch of butterflies of your very own! 🙂

3-D Butterfly – Easy Butterfly Craft #2

Let’s get back to making some more butterflies! This craft project takes construction paper, a few little pom-poms, scissors, glue, markers, and a pencil.

Select the color you would like your butterfly to be. You’ll need one color for the butterfly and one for your background paper. I chose orange for my butterfly and white for my background. (I also chose yellow for a second butterfly but I’ll share that craft next time.) 🙂 Your background paper will not be cut so you can set it aside for now. Take your butterfly color paper and fold it in half and then cut or tear it on the fold.

You will only need one piece for each butterfly. Take one piece and fold it in half again.

Using your pencil, draw an outline of one side of a butterfly’s wings. Make sure you draw the part of the wing that would attach to the butterfly’s body on the fold. This is important because after you cut it out, you want to be able to open the wings like you would a book. Sorry it’s hard to see the outline of the pencil drawing. 😦 You can see it better if you look at the yellow piece.

Go ahead and cut out the butterfly wings, but be sure NOT to cut the folded edge where you have drawn where the wings attach to the body.

Taking a marker, draw lines on your butterfly wings…I’ll just be showing the orange wings now and saving the yellow for our next project. 🙂 Or you can decorate your wings however you like. I tried to make my butterfly wings look something like a Monarch butterfly.

Open your wings up and draw or color on the inside part too. Don’t bother drawing on the bottom side as we will be putting glue on there.

Now you are ready to glue your butterfly wings to the background paper. Put glue only on the bottom side where you didn’t color or draw.

The top part of the wing should not be glued down. Now to make it look 3D, take a small piece of the scrap paper leftover after you cut out the wings and roll it up into a little tube.

Glue the end to the roll so it will stay rolled up in a tube shape. Next open the wings and put a little bit of glue on the tube and place it inside the wings right up against the fold.

Place a little bit of glue on top of the little tube…

Then fold the wings closed and hold the wings in place for a little bit till the glue takes a hold. Now your butterfly’s wings look three-dimensional. 🙂

Next, glue the little pom-poms in a row to make the butterfly’s body. I used black for my butterfly.

You’re almost finished! With your marker, you can draw some antennae on your butterfly’s head. And it’s fun to add some dashes out the back to make it look like that’s where your butterfly has been flying. 🙂

Here’s a look at the back side of the butterfly so you can see better how his wings are three-dimensional.

I hope you have fun making your butterfly craft! 🙂 Come back tomorrow for another fun butterfly project! And keep your eyes open for real butterflies when you are outside!

Easy Butterfly Craft #1

Since we have been talking about butterflies this week I thought we could have some fun with a butterfly craft. 🙂 This one is pretty simple to do but really small kids might need a little help getting things hooked together.

All you need for 1 butterfly is 3 pipe cleaners. Whatever color you like!

I chose 2 pink pipe cleaners for wings and a purple one for the body. Take the 2 pipe cleaners that will be the butterfly’s wings and make them into circles by wrapping the two ends together.

(Hmm! That almost looks like a grumpy face, doesn’t it?!) Now take your 3rd pipe cleaner and bend it in half. Twist the two pieces together by the bend until you have twisted it about 1/3 of the way up. This is the butterfly’s body.

Now take your 2 circles and kinda mush them together in the middle like this:

Holding the circles side by side, slip the body part up over both circles with one piece of the body pipe cleaner on either side of the wings. Like you are capturing the wings inside the body. Twist the 2 pieces together to make more butterfly body on the top and to hold the wings in place. Save some of the pipe cleaner ends for making the antennae.

Don’t worry if your butterfly looks rather out of shape because now you can move the wings around to look the way you want them to look. The final step is curling the ends of the antennae into little rolls.

And there you have your first butterfly! 🙂 But who can stop at only ONE butterfly?! Go ahead and make a bunch more! If you would like to hang your butterfly up, I would suggest tying a piece of thread to it and then your butterfly can fly in the breeze! I’d love to see all the butterflies you make! Have fun! 🙂