A Different Use for Fidget Poppers

Hello again! Wow, this is a really busy time of year here and I have missed sharing ideas with you! But here’s a really fun idea of something different to do with those fidget poppers. (Yes, the ones the kids love popping, but get on mom and dad’s nerves after a while.) The poppers are available in lots of stores, but I found this cool one at a Barnes & Noble bookstore…on clearance.

For this project, you will also need some regular size M&M candies and some chocolate. I used the chocolate melting wafers but you could also use chocolate chips and add a bit of coconut oil when melting. But I’m getting ahead of myself! Start by washing the popper and then pushing all “bumps” in the same direction.

Place 1 M&M candy in each “hole”.

Place some chocolate…I used the wafers…in a microwave safe bowl and microwave according to the package directions until they are completely melted.

Pour the melted chocolate over the M&M’s in the popper, spreading it to cover and fill the whole popper.

Place in the refrigerator until the chocolate has hardened. Once the chocolate is solid again, begin removing the entire piece of chocolate by pulling gently around the edge of the popper until the chocolate is loose around the entire popper edge. Turn the popper over onto a plate and carefully pull the chocolate out of the popper.

How cool is that?! 🙂 Now you can break the candy into strips along the lines left by the popper mold.

I also broke the strips into pieces of 1 or 2 candies. That’s all there is to it!

Wash the popper again and it’s ready for some more popping! 😉 And you can enjoy a yummy treat while popping! 😉

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