Cool Crayon Colors!

I found some interesting crayons the other day when I was supposed to be buying groceries. (Somehow the craft aisles are more appealing to me than picking out broccoli or bananas.) I came across a box of Metallic crayons and one of Neon crayons…yep, I bought them.

The Metallic crayons have some really neat colors plus they are sparkly! Just look at how cool they are even in the box!

You just HAVE to take them out and find something to color right away!

Surely a picture of a tractor needs colored with Metallic crayons. 🙂

Its hard to see the sparkles in the picture. I used 4 colors and they have the coolest sounding names! Like deep space sparkle, magnetic magenta, gold medal, sonic silver…and 20 others!

And then there is the box of the Neon crayons…oh, wow!

They just BEG to come out of the box!

A few of these also have sparkles in them. The farmer was colored with the Neon crayons.

The crayons themselves are really brightly colored but when using them on the picture, they seem to only show up in a lighter color. But still really fun! Of course, they have really fun color names too, like wild watermelon, laser lemon, glitter screamin’ green, pearl atomic tangerine and more!

So if your kids need a little less screen time, why not grab a different kind of crayons for them to try out. I’m guessing they will think they are pretty cool, just like this big kid does. 😉

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