More Things to Do in Quarantine

How’s it going at your house? Anybody going stir crazy yet? We are doing good here! I never seem to run out of things I enjoy doing. (And there always seems to be enough work to keep me busy too!) I wanted to share a few more things with you that you can do while everyone is cooped up at home. These all involve using the internet.

#1.) Olaf voice actor reading books to kids online every night – This looks to be fun and entertaining!

#2.) The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read Alouds & Activities –

#3.) Arree’s FREE Creativity Camp – Free writing, drawing and storytelling classes from award winning author/illustrator Arree Chung. I’ve signed up for this one too!

I hope these websites will help you and your kids find fun things to do together! Have a great weekend! Thanks for visiting!

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