Taste Testing Tuesday – #22 Baked Potato Toppings

Here we are again with another Taste Testing Tuesday! Today we’ll look at yummy things to add to baked potatoes. Do you bake yours in the oven wrapped in aluminum foil? That’s how I’ve always done mine and I learned it from my mom who learned it from her mom… 🙂

After baking your potatoes, remove the peel (unless you like to eat it) and mash the potato with a fork. Separate it into small sections for however many different toppings you will be trying.

Add your toppings while the potato is still warm (or reheat in the microwave). Here’s what my plateful looked like:

Let’s look at each topping I used:

#1.) Butter, salt and pepper. This is an old stand-by but still very tasty.

#2.) Butter and cheese. Mmm! I used cheddar cheese but feel free to use whatever type of cheese you have on hand.

#3.) Butter and sour cream. This is another old favorite but very popular!

#4.) Sour cream and bits of bacon.

#5.) Ranch dressing. A family-favorite! Some of the grandkids love baked potatoes with Ranch dressing and it’s probably my favorite too.

#6.) Gravy. Of course, right?! I often think about gravy going with mashed potatoes but my son suggested gravy for baked potatoes when I asked him his favorite way to eat baked potatoes. (Thanks, Josh!)

Of course, there are many more ways to enjoy a baked potato. Like adding chili on top. Do you have a child that loves ketchup? Yep, put it on a baked potato! After all, it’s not much different than putting salt and ketchup on French fries, right? 😉 How about broccoli and cheese?

I hope you’ve gotten some good tips to try on your kid’s baked potatoes! Make a chart and draw a face showing what you think of each topping you try. Have a great day! 🙂

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