Taste Testing Tuesday #31 – Juices

Here we go with Taste Testing Tuesday #31! (Can you believe we’ve done that many taste tests?!) Today we’re looking at JUICE! To make this a little more fun, I used little tiny cups. The package doesn’t say how big they are but I’m going to say they are 1-2 ounces. (They are actually little shot cups but we don’t use them for that.) I found them at our local Dollar Tree store.

I used 5 different kinds of juice for my taste test. You can use however many you like, of course. Using juices that are different colors makes it more appealing to the kiddos. I bought a couple of small bottles of juice to go with some juice I already had on hand. Pour a little sample of each kind of juice into tiny cups for each person doing the taste test.

These are the juices I used:

#1.) Raspberry Lemonade.

#2.) Apple Juice

#3.) Grape Juice

#4.) Cranberry Juice

#5.) Pineapple Orange Banana Juice

Now for a couple quick suggestions for some added fun. πŸ™‚ Have a piece of paper handy and for each kind of juice, have the kids draw a face representing what they thought of the juice they tasted. They could draw a smiley face if they liked it, a face with a straight mouth for “It’s ok, but not amazing.” and a frowning face for “No, thank you!” A second fun suggestion is to mix some of the juices together and see what they think. For instance, grape and cranberry or grape and apple or cranberry and apple, etc.

Which juice is the absolute best tasting juice? I think grape juice or grape with cranberry was my favorite. I hope you’ll have loads of fun on this Taste Testing Tuesday! πŸ™‚

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