Taste Testing Tuesday #39 – Jam/Jelly

Hello and welcome to another round of Taste Testing Tuesday! Hope you are having a great week! Today we’re tasting different kinds of jelly or jam. We tested 4 different kinds. Of course, you can taste test different flavors than we did. We used bread but you could also use your favorite cracker instead. Let’s get started!

#1.) Strawberry Jam. I like the Smucker’s Simply Fruit brand.

#2.) Grape Jelly. Here’s an interesting tidbit…Baltimore Oriole birds like to eat grape jelly. 🙂

#3.) Red Raspberry Jam

#4.) Apricot Jam. This one is also Smucker’s Simply Fruit.

What flavors of jam or jelly are you using for your taste test? Which is your favorite? My favorite is the strawberry jam with the apricot jam coming in a close second. My husband likes the red raspberry the best. (I like the flavor but not all the seeds.) Great things to add to your jelly or jam are peanut butter or cream cheese. I hope you enjoy doing a jelly/jam taste test! 🙂

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