Taste Testing Tuesday #66 Sugar Wafer Cookies

Greetings on another Taste Testing Tuesday! Today we’re taking some vanilla sugar wafer cookies and dipping them in some yumminess and adding a few sprinkles on top for good measure! You will need some vanilla sugar wafer cookies, some different kinds of candy chips and some toppings.

I used peanut butter chips, milk chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. For the topping I used assorted sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles and some colored sugar.

We will be melting each kind of chips to dip the cookies in. If your candy chips seem too thick after melting, you can add a small amount of coconut oil to help thin it to a better consistency.

I chose to do 3 cookies in each type of candy but you can choose however many you want to use. Lay them out in a piece of wax paper to make the clean up easier.

I started out by melting a few peanut butter chips in a small bowl in the microwave.

Dip your cookies in the melted candy to coat the bottom half and immediately before it can harden, add some sprinkles or toppings.

Lay the cookies on another piece of waxed paper on a cookie sheet.

I bet it’s starting to smell good at your house! 😃 Do the same with each type of candy chips you are using. Melt the candy, dip the cookie in it and then lay the cookie on waxed paper and add your toppings. When you have finished making your fancy cookies, place them in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes so the candy can harden.

Here we have 3 peanut butter dipped cookies.

And 3 milk chocolate dipped sugar wafers…

And 3 butterscotch dipped cookies.

Do a taste test by sampling a cookie with each kind of candy on it. Which one is your favorite? Is there any you didn’t like? They do look pretty on a plate together, don’t you think? 😊

Have fun with your taste test of candy dipped sugar wafer cookies! 😃

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