Easter Basket Ideas From Dollar Tree

If you still need some ideas of fun things for the kids’ Easter baskets, head to your closest Dollar Tree store! The one I was in the other day had lots of things left and some of them look pretty cute! I wanted to share with you a few things I found and hopefully they will be available at your local Dollar Tree store too.

Easter bunny erasers. These guys are so cute!

Easter designs on pencils.

Scratch and find the bow-tie bunny.

Ice cube trays shaped like a bunny’s head. I think you could use these for making candy too.

Or there were ice cube trays of the bunny’s bottom! LOL If you use these for making candy, you could stick a tiny marshmallow on for the tail! šŸ™‚

Glitter putty in an Easter egg.

2 different kinds of bubbles.

2 colors of Play-doh in the same cup.

Lots of soft and cuddly stuffed animals! So cute!

They also have things that aren’t made just for Easter but would still work great in an Easter basket. Like this “play clay” hair salon. We had a similar one in a Play-doh set and the kids had a blast with it.

There were little figurines that would fit inside a plastic Easter egg and some Silly Putty that always comes in an egg. And of course, they have LOTS of candy and plastic eggs for sale. šŸ˜‰ Hope you can find just what you are looking for to fill those Easter baskets!

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