Make a Quiet Learning Book

There are times when you need something quiet to entertain your children. Perhaps when you go to a funeral or church or the doctor’s office, etc, it’s nice if the kids can do something quiet. If you have a notebook handy, you can make a quiet learning book fairly easily. The quiet book can, of course, be tailored to your child’s age.

Here are a few suggestions for pages you can make for your child to do.

1.) Match the capital letters. Have your child draw a line between the letters that are the same. The size of the notebook you have will determine how many letters you can fit on a page. You can do a few letters or the entire alphabet.

2.) Match the numbers.

3.) Draw lines to match the simple shapes.

4.) Match the capital letters with the lower case letters.

5.) Draw a line between the matching stickers.

6.) Draw a line between the stickers that are the same TYPE of thing. For example, the 2 kittens, even though the stickers are not of the same kitten.

7.) Draw lines to connect the matching words.

8.) Draw lines to match the colors.

9.) Draw the same picture on the bottom of the page.

10.) Draw the same shape beside each shape on the left.

11.) Draw another caterpillar like this one.

You’ve got the idea now and I’m sure you will think of other pages to make that your child will enjoy doing. There’s no reason that a quiet time can’t also be a time of reinforcing some learning! 🙂

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