Easy Christmas Pudding Tarts

Are you looking for a simple dessert to serve at Christmas time? These are super simple and would be great for a kids’ party!

All you need are some little tart shells – graham cracker or pie crust type – some light colored instant pudding mix, milk and edible decorations.

I found this decorating kit at Walmart, but you can use other things too. Like chocolate chips, mini M&M’s, sprinkles, colored sugar, etc.

Open the tarts so they are ready immediately after you make the pudding.

Following the instructions on the pudding mix box, make the pudding with milk.

Immediately fill the tarts with the pudding. Instant pudding soft sets in about 5 minutes.

Refrigerate the tarts until the pudding is fully set.

Now comes the fun part of decorating each tart! Most of the candy decorations will begin to melt and their colors will run on the pudding, so DON’T decorate the tarts beforehand. Decorating can be done by each person as they get their dessert. 🙂

Sprinkles are pretty just “sprinkled” around.

Red and green sugar looks festive!

Snowman face made from the decorating kit I showed you.

Snowman made with mini M&M’s.

Snowman made with chocolate chips.

And Christmas lights from the decorating kit.

You might also like to use crushed candy cane bits, chocolate shavings or broken cookie pieces.

I hope these will be a hit with your family! Have fun making them AND eating them! 😉

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