Valentine Tic Tac Toe

Are you looking for a super fast and easy game to play with your kiddos on Valentine’s Day? They don’t come any easier than Valentine Tic Tac Toe! Grab your Valentine’s Day candy and a piece of paper and a marker and let’s play!

Draw a tic tac toe board with 4 lines. You need two players for each game. Each player takes 5 pieces of the same color of candy. For example, 5 pink hearts for one player and 5 green hearts for the other. Taking turns, each player will lay 1 of their pieces of candy on a square on the game board. The winner is the first one to get 3 of their hearts in a row. In the following picture, the player with the green hearts won.

If nobody gets 3 in a row, its a tie game, as you can see in the following picture.

Since we can’t be with our grandkids this year, I’ve sent them a package of goodies for Valentine’s Day. This game is one of the things I included. Here’s enough colored hearts to play 3 separate games. 🙂

Can’t stand conversation hearts candy? (Me either!) You can play the same game using Valentine M&M candies! Yum! I guess they are called Cupid’s Mix M&M’s. (Chocolate! NOW we’re talking!)

Looks like white won!

And pink won this game! 😉

OR you can use the candy heart decorations made for topping treats!

It’s a tie! Play another round.

Red’s the winner this time!

No matter if you win or lose the game of Valentine Tic Tac Toe, everyone is a winner because after you are done playing…you can EAT the candy! (That’s the best part!) Have fun! 🙂

Craft Stick Fun Project #4

Here we go again with another great craft stick project! Today we’re making a puzzle! To get started, line up several craft sticks flat on a table. I used another stick to make sure my 5 sticks were lined up well.

Place 2 pieces of masking tape or painters tape across the sticks to hold them together. These are just used temporarily while we are making the puzzle.

Flip the craft sticks over and draw/color a picture on them. I suggest that some of your pictures are on more than one stick so there will be things to match up again when making the puzzle.

Once your picture is complete, remove the tape from the back. Move the sticks around so they are out of order.

Let your kids put the puzzle back together.

Ta dah! Kids will have fun drawing and coloring a picture on the sticks themselves or you can make the puzzle for them. Another idea for making a puzzle with craft sticks is to write the letters of your child’s name on sticks…one letter on each stick…and then let them put the sticks in the right order to spell their name. Great practice for learning how to spell their name!

If your child is just beginning to learn their name, you can add some other little drawings on the sticks that they can use to help match the sticks in the right order and complete the puzzle. In the same way I added the circle, square, triangle and star in my example.

One more puzzle idea that is a little bit harder to craft but just as much fun for your littles to put together, is to use a small picture (I used one from a magazine), cut it in strips and glue it to the sticks. Older kids could enjoy making puzzles this way. Here are the steps I used…find a picture that is just a little bit shorter and the same width as the number of sticks you are using.

I decided to use the same sticks that I used for the name puzzle only using the back sides of the sticks. You can fit 2 puzzles on 1 set of sticks this way. 🙂 Place your picture upside down and lay the coordinating stick on top, then trace with a pencil down the side of the stick.

Make sure to lay the sticks in the right order so that the puzzle on the other side will still fit together. Cut the strip off the picture and glue it to the back side of the first stick.

Lay the next stick in line onto the picture, trace down the side as you did with the first stick, cut the paper strip off and glue it to the back of the second stick.

Continue in the same manner with the rest of the sticks in your puzzle until each stick has a piece of the picture glued to it.

Great job! Now mix up the sticks and let the kids have a go at putting the puzzle together!

I hope you found these ideas interesting and that you and your favorite kids have fun making puzzles together! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Tune in tomorrow for some more craft stick fun! 🙂

Alllll Aboard! Choo! Choo!

Today’s fun for kids idea is going to make for a very short and sweet post! And that idea is…playing train!

The picture makes it pretty much self-explanatory too. Just line up a bunch of chairs in a row and invite all children, stuffed animals, dolls, adults, pets (even the neighbors if you’re feeling desperate) to come ride on your train! (Or school bus…or city bus…or mommy’s van…) If you have enough room, making 2 rows of seats with an aisle down the middle makes it even more realistic. Let the child be the driver and if there is a special hat for them to wear as the Train Engineer, all the better! Our granddaughter happily played train in the dining room while I was able to get some work done in the kitchen. There are all kinds of questions you can ask or comments you can make that will help them use their imagination and have a wonderful time pretending to be the train engineer and in charge of all the passengers on their train.

Here’s a few questions or comments to get you started:

1.) Where are you (we) going?

2.) Does it take a long time to get there?

3.) Are we there yet??

4.) What are we going to do when we get there?

5.) Did you check to see if everyone has their seat belt buckled?

6.) Did you punch every passenger’s ticket?

7.) Oh, no! Buddy Bear forgot his ticket! What should we do about that?

8.) If you are riding in the train…Wow! You are driving this train so fast that I almost fell out of my seat!

9.) Fall out of your seat with as much drama as you can manage. Depending on what type of personality the Train Engineer has, this could be quite hilarious to them or you might get reprimanded for not staying in your seat like you are supposed to. 😉

10.) Are we there yet??

11.) I’m hungry! When do we get to eat? And what do we get to eat?

12.) Dusty the Dog has to go to the bathroom!

13.) Can we go shopping at a toy store?

14.) It’s too cold/hot in here. Can you make it warmer/cooler?

15.) Wait! Stop! I think Mark the Monkey wants to go for a ride too!

16.) Is there a bathroom on this train?

17.) Are pets allowed to ride on here?

18.) Can we stop somewhere for some ice cream?

19.) When are we going back home again?

20.) Sing “The Wheels on the Bus (Train) Go Round and Round”.

21.) Pretend you are walking up the steps when getting on the train and walking down the steps when you get off.

22.) Can we go to the zoo?

23.) Is it daytime or nighttime?

24.) I’m sleepy. Can I take a nap on your train?

25.) Are we there yet??

If you haven’t guessed by now, yes, I can act pretty crazy when I play with my grand kids. But we have lots of fun and giggles and they still love me when we are done. 😉 I guess with all the questions I added, this post isn’t so short after all! But the idea of playing train is easy and simple and can be another fun time spent with your favorite kids or something to entertain them while you get some work done.