Adding Something Special to Your Care Packages for Kids

Do you have grandchildren that live some distance away from you that you like to send special little packages to in order to keep in touch with them? We do and so today I want to share a little idea with you that can add a little extra fun to your packages but doesn’t cost anything extra. This is a package that I sent to 2 of our grandkids today:

When they open the box, the first thing they will see is this note:

(Rusty is our dog and he loves the kids!) Under the yellow tissue paper they will find this package:

So my idea to make things more interesting is to wrap each little gift in tissue paper (or other paper) and give the child something to do before they can open each package. Their first package involves a hunt for letters and then arranging the letters in alphabetical order. Once they complete that they can open the package and get the prize inside. (This prize is 2 bottles of bubbles.)

The next packages in the box look like this:

The kids will need to follow the instructions in order to open their packages. The things they need to do are just silly little things that will hopefully make them giggle. For instance, hopping like a bunny or kangaroo and meowing like a cat or mooing like a cow. πŸ˜‰ (These packages contain a dress for our granddaughter and a tee shirt for our grandson.)

Next they will find a package from Rusty that has them acting like a dog. πŸ˜‰ (There are 2 books in a series inside.)

The last 2 packages have our granddaughter identifying colors…

…and our grandson solving a simple math problem. (I realized the colors in this picture didn’t work right AFTER I had already mailed the package to the kids! So no do-overs!) These little packages contain a Colorforms (reusable stickers) set for each.

In case you can’t read it, this package says “Cohen, What is 5 + 5? That was too easy, wasn’t it?” πŸ™‚

By adding a little silly activity to each package, it makes the unwrapping take a little longer. And you can be reinforcing their skills without them even realizing it. You can have them dance or sing or jump or run in place or any number of a million things. Being silly is fun for everyone and will hopefully bring out extra smiles and the giggles. πŸ™‚

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