Christmas Bells Project for Kids

Long ago when I was little, we did a Christmas craft that was my favorite Christmas decoration to make…Christmas bells! I was always so proud of the bells I made and my mom would let me hang them around our house. Its another quick and easy craft, so let’s gather up the few supplies we need and get started! Grab some foil, some disposable cups and some ribbon. When I was a child, we made these using the 5 oz. Dixie paper cups but since I didn’t have that size on hand, I used the 9 oz. plastic cups.

Tear off a piece of foil a little bit bigger than your cup.

Starting at one end, wrap the foil around the cup. I started at one end and rolled the cup slowly while forming the foil to the cup.

Next press the foil flat up against the bottom of the cup and also tuck it down inside the cup.

An adult should do the next step…cut a slit in the bottom of the cup for the ribbon to go through.

Cut about a 12 inch piece of ribbon. Thread one end in through the slit.

Pull the piece of ribbon on the inside until you can reach it enough to tie a knot in the end. This will keep the ribbon from pulling out the top of the bell.

I made 2 bells and then tied them together at the top end of the two ribbons.

You can hang them as they are or make a bow to add on where the two ribbons are tied together.

You’re done! Now find a great place to hang your Christmas bells. They look great hanging on your front door.

Or maybe you’ll find a nice place for them on your fireplace mantel.

Wherever you choose to hang them, I hope they make your house look merry and bright! 🙂

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